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In simpler times of years long past it was common for people to have breakfast on the sun porch. Americans have had a love affair with the sun porch for at least 300 years.
It's time to reacquaint ourselves with those things in life which are truly important-

A leisurely afternoon on the porch.

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Whether your concern is privacy while you relax on the porch or simply that the afternoon sun is so intense that the sun porch is not an option, our wood slat rollup porch blind may be your answer.

For 100 years the porch blind has served this purpose. Its simplistic flawless design has not changed in all these years.

Porch Shades are designed for use on screened porches, sun parlors and open verandas. Porch shades are intended to protect your porch from the intense rays of the afternoon sun or from blowing rain and inclement weather. All shades come with sway cords to protect the shade from wind damage during strong winds.

The porch shade provides privacy from the street traffic, as well as to add a touch of tradition and elegance to your sun porch. You will find that sun shades made from wood slats are far more appealing than a plastic shade both aesthetically and practically, since a wood shade remains cool with exposure to the afternoon sun.

The light weight basswood is easy to raise and lower and is available in any size up to 143” in width and 12 colors. Porch shades are easy to install and easy to remove for storage in winter months or if you are away for the season.

You may find yourself spending more time on your sun porch when you are able to shield the sun or provide a degree of privacy for yourself and your guests.


  • Nothing insulates like wood
  • Testing indicated porch shades reduce solar heating up to 85% on your porch or sun parlor
  • No plastic parts
  • Woven with weatherproof fisherman’s seine twine
  • Fungicide additive to help prevent mildew
  • Heavy duty plated steel hardware
  • Multi-stop cord lock
  • #4 ¾ braided reinforced cotton cord
  • Adjustable sway cords for protection from the wind
  • We can offer additional slat width sizes on request
Pecan color Porch Shades are installed on the front porch of this 1850 log cabin in northwest Wisconsin to protect against the afternoon sun. The shades in the triangular windows at the top cannot be raised.

The PREMIUM porch shade shown here comes with a solid wood headrail that mounts directly to the header of the opening as opposed to the standard porch shade that hangs from hooks as shown on the green porch shade above. To price the Premium shade add 35% to the cost schedule above.

In simpler times of years long past it was common for people to have breakfast on the sun porch. Americans have had a love affair with the sun porch for at least 300 years. It's time to reacquaint ourselves with those things in life which are truly important- A leisurely afternoon on the porch.

Do not hesitate to call. Our staff will assist you with measuring color selection, technical details, and any other questions you may have.

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Installation Instructions

  • Place shade in position for installation. Measure and mark point of location for the open screw eyes, upon which the shade will be installed (see diagram above)

  • Pre-drill and install open screw eyes and then install porch shade by hooking hardware onto screw eyes. Porch shades are intended to be easily removed for cleaning and storage during the off season. In the warmer climates of the south, porch shades often remain hanging during all four seasons.

  • Next you should install the sway cords. The sway cords will hold the shade stable in breezy conditions.

  • Install closed screw eyes for sway cords (as shown above) directly above and below the shade. They can be located as desired, but positioning the cords about one quarter of the distance in from each end works best. Be sure they are located so as not to interfere with lift cords and not located so as to rub against the weaving twine.

  • Knot the cord at one end and pass it through the top screw eye. Bring the cord down the front of the shade passing it through one side of the sway cord adjuster (see diagram above) Continue with the sway cord, passing it through the lower screw eye and back up the front of the shade and through the sway cord adjuster once again and knot the cord. The sway cord may be tightened to desired tension to hold the shade stable in a breeze. During high winds or storms shades may be damaged by the wind and should be drawn up for protection.

    Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions. We are here to serve you with the best customer service you have ever experienced.

    Maintaining Your Woven Basswood Porch Shade

    You have just purchased the finest shade available for your use. It is woven wood the oldest new material in existence today.

    Better still, it is woven of choice North American Basswood - the hardwood with the greatest resistance to warping of all the hardwoods. It has far greater insulation value than plastic or aluminum insuring you maximum comfort.

    The weaving cords are tightly braided cotton seine twine having a greater resistance to abrasion and stretching than synthetic filament yarns. This assures you of longer shade life, continued splint uniformity and tightness.

    Be sure sway cords are kept tight enough that shade does not rub against railings, furniture, screens, or other abrasive surfaces.

    Your shade is stained with Aerocrylic Oil Stain especially formulated for maximum retention, wear ability and contains a fungicide to reduce the possibility of mildewing.

    If mildew spots, due to heavy infestation in your area, should appear on your shade, immediately wash it with a mild solution of mildew remover obtainable at most hardware or paint stores. A mild solution of Chlorine and water works well also. Mix common household bleach with water in a ratio of 15 to 1 to kill mold and mildew, then allow shade to dry in the sun. Alternatively Lysol in a spray can will treat small areas of mold or mildew.

    Sweep shade occasionally with an ordinary broom to remove dust or pollen. This will help prevent rain stains and retain original color brightness.

    When your shade is partially raised, the pull cord can be folded up and laid on the shade roll if you wish for it to be off the floor. When completely raising the shade, place the end of the pull cord in the shade roll and let it roll up with the shade. This will keep the surplus cord off the floor, but still allow sufficient cord to hang down from the cord lock so the shade can be operated.

    If you follow these easy suggestions for care and maintenance, you will receive many years of cool comfort from your selection of this fine shade.

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