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In the Victorian era shutters were used extensively. The shutters in this deep bay window follow the contour of the window. The valances are made to accept the shutters when the top half is opened. The shutters are finished to match the existing window molding. It is obvious that full draperies on this bay would obscure much of the window and the design of the room.

We Know Victorian

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The High Victorian Parlor

Pictured left is a fine example the High Victorian Style. The parlor furniture, the pictures on the wall, the wallpaper, even the rug exudes that lush Victorian style of the mid nineteenth century. The windows' shutters are obviously original to the house dating probably to around 1860.

We at DeVenco are able to replicate this original classic design known as Brownstone Shutters. Note the raised panels hinged to the louvered shutters in double hung configuration so that the top half shutters may be hinged open while the lower half remains closed for privacy from street level traffic. This shutter configuration is common to brownstone townhouses from which the term is derived. Frequently one sees in the brownstones , embrasured shutters or pocket shutters that fold into a pocket cleverly built on either side of the window. This allows the shutters to virtually disappear when opened.

At DeVenco we manufacture your new shutters to exact specification and pre-finish in the color you choose and ship pre-hinged and ready to install. You should expect your DeVenco shutters to last to the next generation with little maintenance in the interim. And you might check our reference page for recent projects. Contact us today regarding authentic wooden blinds and shutters and find the best customer service you have ever seen. DeVenco since 1939.

The Quintessential Victorian Cottage

Interior bi-fold shutters were quite popular in the Victorian era. This Victorian Cottage in Port Townsend has been fully restored to it's original design of the 1890's. The owners are purists and accept only original or authentically reproduced appointments for their home.

DeVenco's Victorian shutters were chosen for the primary rooms of the main floor.

DeVenco fabricated the shutters to install on the inside of the window jamb and stained them to match the existing casework in the home.
They almost appear to be original to the home, circa 1890.

We Are Victorian

Double Hung, Bi-Fold
Victorian Shutters


Single Hung, Bi-Fold
Victorian Shutters

Wide Louver Shutters
Single Hung

V i c t o r i a n ~ S h u t t e r s

1850 to 1910

Double Hung Victorian Shutters
on Triple Window with Transoms

Victorian Shutters Single Hung
on Twin Windows with Transom

Raised Panel Shutters
Bi-Fold, Single Hung
Interior shutters were very popular in the Victoran age. The creativity of architects and designers lead to an endless variety for the application of blinds and shutters.

If you own a Victorian house you should consider the windows carefully with an eye toward the nineteenth century.

Wooden Blind

Hartman Sliding

The window in this traditional Victorian bedroom shows DeVenco Brownstone shutters. Brownstone shutters are comprised of Raised Panel flanks and Louvered inner panels. These shutters are manufactured from Pennsylvania Cherry, the most beautiful wood in the world. The panels and the louvers are constructed, in typical Victorian style, with a special small section at the center of the window. DeVenco can replicate these 19th century designs for your Victorian home.

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DeVenco Builds Shutters To Last a Lifetime
In 4 To 8 Weeks Time

The Victorian shutters you buy today will be enjoyed by the next generation, we guarantee it.

  • Solid wood components- There are no finger jointed or “glued up parts” all components are solid wood custom milled to exacting specifications in our factory. There are no ready made parts, imported parts or stock fabricated parts. And never faux wood.
  • Mortise and dowel construction. DeVenco shutters are not screwed together, stapled or pinned together. We use old fashioned cabinetmaker joinery. This assures the shutter will never fall out of square at the joints under its own weight.
  • Nylon rotation pins. Louver operation is smooth and effortless, even after being refinished numerous times.
  • Full size one inch by two inch beaded stiles assure proportional design aesthetically as well as structural integrity.
  • 1 7/8 inch louvers spaced at 1 1/2 inches on center provide excellent closure and actual room darkening in daylight.
  • Lock rails are standard at no extra charge and provide structural support and absolute stability within a panel while allowing upper louvers to function separately from lower louvers.
  • Mortising for hanging hinges is standard allowing a custom fit within the window jamb.
  • Rabbetted stiles provide total privacy and just one more custom feature
  • Hardware available in solid brass or nickel finish.

DeVenco Victorian Shutters Are Constructed Of The Finest Material Available.

All wood is milled by us in our shop. There are no prefab or stock sized parts. All work is done in our shop by skilled craftsmen to the highest standards in the industry today.

The components for each shutter are cut by hand, piece by piece the old fashioned way, and then assembled by hand using old world cabinetmaker construction techniques.

After assembly each shutter is sanded and buffed by hand and prepared for finishing. All shutters receive a superlative finish in the color specified by you, again applied by hand. The result is an automotive quality finish that will be easy to maintain and which should last for many years. In fact…. Any DeVenco shutter that requires refinishing before the room needs repainting will be refinished by DeVenco at no charge to you. We have offered this guarantee for many years.

After three days in the drying chamber, and the finish has adequately cured, hardware is carefully set on each shutter, and they are packed like Waterford crystal for shipping.

When your DeVenco shutters arrive they are ready to install, no assembly required. Each hanging hinge is adjustable to allow you to make fine adjustments in the installation in order to align each panel with its mate. Tools required for installation are: screw gun with Phillips and square drives, 1/8” drill bit, 1/8”shim and one cup of coffee for each window. Our staff is available for support
Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Do not hesitate to call.

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Double Hung Raised Panel Shutter

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