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The 19th Century
Obviously the porch or veranda window, being under shelter of the roof, would not require
protection from the sun. Since shutter blinds were not generally used for the function of privacy, it is generally believed that during the 19th Century, if the veranda window shutters were closed it was an indication that the residing
family was not receiving callers.
Lift-Off hinges give easy access for shutter maintenance.
In early America fixed louver shutters would allow a cool breeze while deflecting the scorching rays of the sun
Shutters should never be nailed to the house. Hinged shutters allow natural airflow behind the panel. Shutters which are nailed to the house trap moisture, sometimes leading to premature deterioration from moisture and insects.

During the 18th and 19th centuries exterior shutters were the most practical method of keeping the building cool in the summer by blocking the radiant heat of the sun while allowing continuous airflow. Thomas Jefferson was a great fan of the louvered shutter blind, stating that he "shall eventually install blinds on every aperture at Monticello"
To clear up a common question of historical use when louvered shutters are properly installed, the louvers should slope down when the panel is in the closed position or up when the shutter is in the open or tied back position.

Rabbet and Bead
Traditionally, shutter blinds were manufactured with rabbet and bead, which allows total privacy when the shutter are closed. We offer this as an option. See cost schedule from our free brochure.
Top View of Panels in Closed Position Shows Interlocking Rabbets

Specify your size and panel configuration.
From New England Salt Box to Old Virginia Tide Water,
can produce your design in the dimension you need for hingeable shutter blinds.

Louvers are individually mortised into the stile for greater possible strength.

Optional copper caps are available to protect the top of the shutters from rain and snow.
Standard or Authentic Wrought Hardware and Shutter Dogs
Mortise and Dowel Construction Hardwood dowels measured 3 1/2" X 1/2" diameter and are spiraled to assured uniform glue coverage.  
If you desire true authenticity your shutters may be assembled with traditional mortise and peg type construction.
See the cost schedule sent with our Free Brochure.

1/2" Peg Installed from face of shutter


Double Hung Raised Panel Shutter

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