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In Colonial America
Raised panel shutters offered insulation as well as well as security, being a first line of defense against intruders.

Two Hardwood Dowels at each point assures the strongest possible joinery.

Mountain and beach cottages can be fully secured with solid raised panel shutters using the iron shutter bar or sill catches to bolt the shutters from the inside.
Hardwood dowels
measure 3 1/2" X 1/2"
diameter and are spiraled to assure uniform glue coverage.

Five-Piece Panel Construction with deep bevel insert panel. Panel "Floats" within stiles to allow for expansion from changing climatic conditions.

Your Choice of 3 raised panel profiles are offered.

Inside stile profile is traditional quarter round bead.

Painting Tip:
Use good quality exterior LATEX paint only.
Oil base paints are not compatible with the natural occurring oils in cedar.
Two coats are recommended.

Use Latex base exterior primer prior to top coats.
Sand lightly after primer has dried thoroughly.
Be certain top and bottom of shutters are well coated.
This is where the shutter is most vulnerable to weather.

Double Hung Raised Panel Shutter

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